Thursday, June 15, 2017

Hippie Summer

I am working on my blocks for granddaughter, Brynn's quilt. So far this one is my favorite.

This one is a close second!

I love that little angel baby. It's an old Hoffman (I think) from the 1990's.

Do you have a Kona Color Card? While they are nice to get a good idea about colors, it is nearly impossible to see how they look next to other colors. So I have started cutting them up......

to make them more accessible. I love the orderliness of this!

I am using this hole punch that I got a long time ago from Martha Stewart. It is super sharp and has 3 different sizes to choose from. I don't think a regular one would work but you could test it out if you want to try this. You are punching through fabric and thick cardstock.
I have a bunch more to go and it is not a quick undertaking......

As for the title "Hippie Summer" I am devouring books about communes in the 60's and 70's and have found some super interesting ones. So far my takeaway is that while the adults may have been having a good time, (even that is debateable) the children were not. In some instances it borders on abusive and tragic. If you have any favorite book picks in this genre, please let me know!


Friday, June 9, 2017

Perfect Students

I received this lovely book in the mail today. I am saving it for when I can sit down a really savor it. Do you do that too? That will be soon....

My guild, Calico Cutters holds a fundraising auction every year. People offer classes (in their homes) as part of the silent auction. So for $50.00 each, Terry, Gail, Nancy and Christine came to my house for the day to make a Lola pouch. They brought their lunch, I provided all the materials to make the pouch (I even cut it all out!) drinks and dessert.

Poor Christine. Her machine was having problems so I ran upstairs and brought mine down for her to use. Problem solved! She caught up quickly and ended up finishing before some of the others.

As you can see on Nancy's pouch, I cut out the word Maker from some fabric I had to put on the inside where I usually put a "Pinkadotquilts" label.

I chose their fabrics with some hints such as, what colors do you like, a theme, what don't you like. Gail loved her purple and lime green, yay!

Terry's pouch had a garden theme and she put in the very last stitch of the day. They were all done a half hour early, unheard of!!!
Terry, Gail, Nancy and Christine
They were all pleased as was I. They overcame their fear of zippers (well almost) and were very happy to take home a completed project. Some even said they may make more for gifts.

My sewing room on the other hand is a disaster, I don't even have room to sew! I need to get in there and do some cleaning! How does it get like that?


Thursday, June 1, 2017

June 1st!

So to try and jump start my sewing, I embarked on a totally new project. Also because I have been totally messing up on the days because of the holiday I am declaring this Wordless Wednesday!