Thursday, December 1, 2016

Santa is Sewing

I thought I would take a break from all my sewing and share some of my favorite things with you. They might inspire or help you with your holiday list.
First up is a vintage framed picture. This is one of my all time favorites of my husband's brothers and sister, Jim, Kevin, Ellen and Rick circa 1966 oh my gosh 50 years ago!!!. Either as a gift or for yourself, it is a wonderful thing. You can find all kinds of winter/Christmas/Hanukkah frames out there to make it even better!

Not everything on my list is sewing related......I love my Instantpot! I bought it this summer and am still getting used to cooking with a pressure cooker. Today I made PERFECT hard boiled eggs that peeled with ease. This is a perfect gift for the time challenged.

Local art is always a thoughtful gift. I am always on the lookout to support those out there who are so talented to give us such beautiful things for our homes.

Succulents! They are the new thing in plants. Very easy to grow and practically fool proof. Buy some that are already potted in a pretty dish for a quick gift.

Some pretty handmade pillows. If you have an embroidery machine this would be a lot of fun to do! My friend Cynthia who lives in Arkansas made this cute little bird pillow for me. Every year I take it out I think of her and it adds a perfect Christmas color to my room,

A pincushion is always a good gift if you are doing an exchange or if you know a collector (me!). My friend Stephanie made this one for me. This is always a fun way to experiment with colors you might not be sure of with a very little time commitment.

Snips! I love these and have many pairs floating around. They are so much easier to use as you are sewing than scissors. The ones on the left I found at a quilt show and they are nice and sharp.

Did you know that your seam ripper can get dull? Think about that blade that you use to rip out those stitches when you reverse sew.......I need a new one every year!

Vintage fabrics to repurpose. Everything in this quilt is vintage except the embroidery floss. It is one of my most favorite things I have ever made.

For those of you that might not know this is called "That Purple Thang" I love it and it is invaluable, a must have for all sewers. From pushing out corners to holding down scraps it works!

A subscription to a magazine. I know the trend seems to be moving away from these but I find it very satisfying to snuggle down with actual paper held in my hands rather than an ereader for some things. Plus the patterns are easier to access.

This is something you all may have from back in the day. You can use it instead of a hera marker to mark quilts for quilting. Go easy though and test to see how hard to press down.

How about some labels for your quilts/bags or any other things you sew? The top ones I bought a few years back and I don't remember where I got them. The bottom labels are from an adorable etsy shop called Emily Ann's Kloset . I just saw that she has some triangle labels that look really fun too.

A book is always a welcome gift. I pride myself in searching out perfect books for perfect people. Quilting or not a book is a good thing!

My final thing is this sponge called Scrub Daddy. I love this and can't believe how well it works. I have one I use for bathroom cleaning and one in the kitchen. You can even throw it in the dishwasher to sanitize it. A smiling face to make cleaning a bit better (well let's just pretend)!
All these opinions are my own just in case you are wondering. No one gave me anything to plug these!

I hope you enjoyed my list and maybe there is something on there that works for you! Now I will go back to my Christmas sewing.....

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Monday, November 28, 2016

Wow! The People Have Spoken!!!!

I am shocked! Imagine my surprise when I checked my email and there were like 75 responses (I think there may be even more today) to my question! I think I struck a nerve!
Today's post will be another picture heavy Christmas post as I respond to you all. This is my current quilt that I am trying to get finished this week. I have the perfect spot to hang it. It was originally going to be a bit bigger but for now it is smaller with the idea of making a larger one down the road.

So from what I gather, most of you like the coziness and personal side of a blog. There seems to be a backlash against the other types of social media. Someone asked me is that an age thing? Another good question, maybe I should have a survey? What do you think? Do you want to know? I do!
I added a poll so go ahead and vote! It is in the upper right hand side of the blog.
Above is a pincushion for a friend, isn't it cute? The pattern is in the Quilts and More magazine that is out right now. It's super simple but very charming, in my opinion.....

It also seems like most of you don't like the idea of someone trying to sell you something or all the ads all over the blogs, I find those annoying too.  Those of you that do use Facebook like to keep track of family and friends more than quilting things, though some are in quilt groups that are private.
This is my windowsill above where I write my blog. The trees are from Target a long time ago.

Almost everyone who weighed in on Facebook agreed it has been ugly with a capital U these past few weeks. Many along with me have stopped looking at it, or never look at it.
I love cutting the greens off my evergreens and adding a little sparkle to my kitchen. The beautiful sparkly picks came from Waterloo Gardens, a local placed that closed and I miss it very much. They always had those special items you couldn't find anywhere else.

I do hope some of the blogs I don't see out there anymore come back. I like them as much as you do. Google Reader did make it easier to read them and I just never check Bloglovin.
I love these containers with Kosher salt for snow, easy and cute. A great way to highlight special or antique ornaments.

I promise you I am not going anywhere and will continue to blog. I feel like Sally Fields "they like me, they really like me!"I enjoy it and love feedback from my readers, so be sure to leave me a comment! If you are a no reply commenter I can't email you back just so you know.
I have a lot of Christmas in the kitchen because we spend a lot of time in here! I like to mix the pastels of the 1950's along with the red and green.

If you have not tried Instagram give it a try. It is not hard and it is fun, it's a bit like blogging lite! You can find me at Pinkadotquilts.
I am not sure about this tray arrangement. I want to put some greens on the bottom but it looks a little like the "leftover tray", which it is!

Thank you for taking the time to comment. I read each and every one but could not possibly answer them all. I always value you all your opinions.
One stocking for each of my 4 children along with some snowmen I have collected over the years. They are from MODA a few years back.

You all have inspired me all over again to blog more often and look for some interesting things to show you. I am going to try and do some more tutorials, everyone seems to like those! I hope you have enjoyed this tour and I will be back!
This is one of my all time favorite quilts. To me red and green is not just for Christmas but all year long.
Okay back to work, so I have something to blog about!


Friday, November 25, 2016

I Just Want to Know

I have a question out there for all of my you still read blogs? What is your go to place for all things quilting/sewing?

I know I have asked this question before but I feel like blogs have really gone by the wayside. Has Facebook or Instagram taken over?

I will admit I love Instagram. It's like eating M&M's easy and satisfying. Little bits. A very little time commitment.

I will tell you I very, very, very much dislike Facebook. Especially after the election (PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND ABOUT THE ELECTION AT ALL) everyone is so wound up and I can't take it so I hardly even look at it anymore, only when necessary. I think it is terrible that people are unfriending people, uninviting them to Thanksgiving and outright fighting! How did this happen that it is ok to do these terrible things? I think it has driven people apart more than bring them together, no thank you!

If I didn't need it for my quilt guild I would delete it all together. Where do all those people come from that I am not following?????? I also read that FB makes people feel more depressed......maybe all the comparison? I am seriously considering deleting everyone except the quilt guild that sends notifications about meetings etc.

Instagram on the other hand is so much better. Only the people I want to follow show up on my feed. I can have 10 or 1000, the choice is mine. It's easy to delete them if they show too many things I am not interested in. I also learn about so many new things, instead of people trashing each other. If they do start it is a simple delete.

I know many of you still love blogs and I do too.

I know I have been slacking.....

I totally forgot about these last 2 quilts, I really like them!

I talked to Barb of Fun with Barb about this when she was here last week. She also says the same thing about blogging.

So as you scroll through this rambling post I thought it would be fun to make it a picture heavy postof old pictures  and you could skip reading it if you wanted and just look at the pictures (-:  I really am going to try harder to blog but I will say sometimes I have nothing to show you!
Please feel free to leave your thoughts and ideas about all social media and quilting/sewing I would love to hear what you think!
Today is Friday and my family is celebrating Thanksgiving today. We started the tradition when they all started getting married and had to decide where to eat or eat at both family houses. I remember as a young mother how stressful it was lugging the kids to 2 houses and being uncomfortably full. This has worked out well for our family and ends up being a very lovely day with all my children, their spouses and all the grandchildren. It's a win-win!


Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Grandchild #8

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It is all about family and good food. As this year comes to an end I am very grateful for each and every family member, they are the most important people in the world to me.
We look forward to a new baby in the new year and all the wonderful things that life brings to all of us each and every day.


Cameron and Jaxon

All of them!

Elliot and Griffin

Maddy and Finn


Colin and Jaxon

Caitlin, Jim and Dylan

My niece's wedding

Elliot, Jenny and Cameron

Fallon and Johnson

Dylan and Mary

Maddy and Finn

Griffin, Elliot and Maddy

Dido and Finn


Grammy with Cameron and Jaxon
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!